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With clinic based in London, UK, an advanced Dr. Ida Rolf's method of Structural Integration Therapist and Educator (BA), with MSc in movement systems engineer degree. As discipline of applied physics organising biology, Structural Integration is empirical method educating human efficiency using senses of dynamic organisation, balance and alignment in accordance with gravity. SI educates solutions to problems of increasing human energy for greater human potentials, in terms of kinetic energy forms organisation and mobility. At least this is where we start, with freeing movement in space, even when the only problem is pain.

Posture by gravity design - gWalkPSI

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Personal Structural Integration





gWalk art produced by WDArOne & DJ Primecuts

Mladen Grabovac   MSc, B.Ed, B.Eng, B.Ec 

DJ Primeuts - gMusic


Living Legend

DJ Primecuts is UK turntablist technique artist and UK hip hop legend, at its birth. Only 4 x DMC/ITF World Champion and one of the most talented music producers in the world working for labels like Working Families, Universal and others. gWalk is very lucky to have such artist onboard. It seems just absolutely unjust to put only few words in comparison about the gWalk music producer, but his legend surpasses it for anyone that knows UK turn table history. This omission would really not sit on me, but on not knowing it. Along his extensive opus, here at gWalk we share his intra spatial mission to the planet of new art, creating a new language form, producing waves into the ether that shape us, the echoes that curve us, the pulses that makes us and - vibes that move with us as we ourselves, propelled by birth of the world, move through the space, time and gravity. We travel through space on foot and on this planet bursting through galaxy - and on that connected voyage he's taking us all along.

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