Based in London, UK, I am advance SI Dr. Ida Rolf method therapist and Educator (BA), with MSc in movement systems engineer degree, from Cranfield University. If you asked me what is Integration I'd say: today that's science of biology explained by physics. Structural Integration (SI) is about human efficiency starting with basic sense of organisation and balance in gravity and the according alignment.  SI educates Problems of Increasing Human Energy for greater human potentials, in terms of kinetic energy. At least this is where we starts even when the only problem is just back pain.

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Mladen G. Walker , MSc, B.Ed, B.Eng, B.Ec 

I grew up in Croatia where, as one does there, I was immersed in its broad sport culture, great outdoors and its historic placement of east meeting west. Since my first grade I have been educated in Eastern movement 

arts, marshal art systems' forms, sequences and katas. I was 16 years old when I start  yogic education which oriented me toward practical science of body, physical presence including that mass is energy. Such general drive through modern education is insufficient and too often it gets too easily lost in ignorance despite it is cruciality for health. This even despite numerous evidence of the importance of movement in education and cognitive development. Yet, not only we produce movement by the gift of presence on Earth, i.e. due to it's gravity, but we also source movement through actual energy of the floor that supports us, by its capacity to resist. We use our environment's capacity of inertia as ground sources and supports movement. This is also how we formed and grew to adulthood. At growth or injury, the difference remains little, as the key is always weight distribution against environmental resistance, in the persistent environment of gravity - that works either for our benefit or detriment. Clue to differentiation is - efficiency .    


Eastern philosophies, crucially embedded in experiences through forms, katas, asanas, or as basic as aligned balance in meditation or contemplation, provided me with life motivation and insights that kept me observant toward physical 

transcendence of presence, and to what it actually means in either direction of conversion. We can only expand, as light does, or contract as does the gravity. From wave to particle, micro to macro, this is also a cycle of the entire universe.  My first study was a degree in electrical engineering designs and in my teens I became fascinated by the Tesla's 1900 study of Human Energy. Science helped me to perceive transcendence by surpassing what is lost in objectification, inertia and ignorance, rather than surpassing the presence. Today we call it "grounding" and so I was fascinated by the joys and sense of connection and the reality experienced through relations in action. You can test that yourself - immediately this moment -since your life is truly embodied, and only by the measure of gravity you can actually experience "now" and here. This is because, lets not forget, now is here, as we move through universe to create time. Enything else is a predictability model. 

With maturity I became less interested in the competitive part of the sports. Apart other, also specifically due to amount of injuries it produces. Instead, more and more, what interested me was the remedial intention capacities of action, that was supposed to be making us healthy in the first place, rather than injured.


This was also part of my professional and life long learning processes. Throughout my academic life I was awarded three scholarships for my studies, the last one being granted by Royal Aeronautical Society for research of unique selling propositions attainable through stress management. After I was offered a placement in London and began my work for large UK strategy consulting company as master of science form the school of engineering, in addition I begin demonstrating care and took responsibilities including offering accompanied programs delivering the zest and balance to work-life wage. I simply recovered that play and health has, since ever, been the intrinsic motivation for movement - through life. If you ever observe motive intention of children it is always to play with the force field of gravity. And so it remains from the early age, and to the old age, that any lack of adequate movement will not support growth or development.


I began my research seeking through relevant qualifications and simply started as certified Sport and Remedial Therapist. However, it wasn’t really until I received sessions of Dr. Ida Rolf's method of Personal Structural Integration that experienced deeper intelligence of integrated embodiment efficiency and organisation of mass as energy that is only starting with kinetic aptitude within the body space. The body space is the body of mind space. Most dearly I can recommend to anyone seeking for intelligence to study some form of Anatomy and Physiology just to get an insight that incredible intelligence of biological existence already abides within us and all our experience actually source from it. SI delivers this empirical education more direct, more informative and faster than any other known technique between any point of east and west. This is because through inherited time we evolved to it, because in time of A.I. we translate better to the ancient knowledge as if to a check point as well as we reflect in modern scientific developments. This is also how SI speaks the new language that does not need be translated in relation to place or time, specifically in reference to integration, because we are recognising that we are movement and only truly experience, or know, by moving. Education is transition. For me, SI was truly, such a long expected and craved for experience of connection. It was both old and known and new and unknown. Insomuch that with the fascination and purposed requirement for pragmatic education, most intentionally since I have three kids, that I was inspired to pursue both teaching it and adding to its formulation. This is why gWalk is unique, first and only of its kind.  

Walk was alway the key to human evolution, as much as the lack of it today is a key to our devolution. Human are built for walking more than they will ever be built for running. Still in dynamic observations today we concentrate more on run, but running is closer to sympathetic nervous system, and hence the stress, than walking is. At infancy, a rise to walk is driver to exploration including cognitive development that covers both literacy and math. And while we are well aware of old proverb that one needs to learn crawling before walking, beside paediatric therapist, most of us hold this under-standing only in a metaphoric sense. This extends, as we do have culture of running as a spread dynamic form of exercise, even before we even know how we're walking. It just simply fascinates the lack the of education or information about it. 

Education is both art and science. gWalk is unique scientific project by provision of syntax that educates manifestation through motion. It delivers direct empirical knowledge aimed at provision of efficiency. WDA stands for walk design artist, or art. I produced the first walk as an extension to personal ongoing experience driven toward efficiency in daily movement, for training purposes, when I first started SI education. Through years of clinical practice, WDAs developed into a functional practice support structure for my clients and my children's education. In this expending format it grew into an educative platform that I call today gSystem. Here and now, it is available through gWalk and gWalkPSI where its formulated as the gWalk course available online to everyone interested in movement, body alignment, structural efficiency, just walking or running. As it is to those actually involved in SI education, SI therapy or hold interest to try it . My working clinic is based in London, UK, where we operate PSI clinic and deliver sessions of Structural Integration under the e-bodyment project. Along the gWalk, here, you are also most welcome to try such more personally tailored approach.

DJ Primeuts - gMusic

DJ Primecuts is UK turntablist technique artist and UK hip hop legend, at its birth. Only 4 x DMC/ITF World Champion and one of the most talented music producers in the world working for labels like Working Families, Universal and others. gWalk is very lucky to have such artist onboard. It seems just absolutely unjust to put only few words in comparison about the gWalk music producer, but his legend surpasses it for anyone that knows UK turn table history. This omission would really not sit on me, but on not knowing it. Along his extensive opus, here at gWalk we share his intra spatial mission to the planet of new art, creating a new language form, producing waves into the ether that shape us, the echoes that curve us, the pulses that makes us and - vibes that move with us as we ourselves, propelled by birth of the world, move through the space, time and gravity. We travel through space on foot and on this planet bursting through galaxy - and on that connected voyage he's taking us all along.

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