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Welcome to first ever immersive walking app!


Do you need better postural alignment? Be it inherited, caused by work habits, injuries, stress or emotion - does the state of your physical posture drain your energy? Does it result in pain? Or perhaps lack of mobility? Do you feel a need to move? Move more or better?


Are you interested in physical efficiency and hence physiological and mental efficiency resulting in energy surplus? Do you want to learn more about your anatomy and physiology, experience your body’s organisation and function?  Are you interested in how gravity affects on your energy, recovery, metabolism, perception and thinking?

Are you looking for connection?

These are the questions to which gWalk provides direct experience of ‘How to’ deliverance. And if you are ready to just simply - walk, gWalk will immerse you into the empirical physics of your embodyment. 

gWalk improves your mechanics and posture. Better alignment is better movement - is better body - is therefore less pain.

Build better Postural Alignment ...

Do 10,000 steps workout and more ...

Experience Structural Organisation and your Mass as Energy ...

Learn Efficiency of your Functional Anatomy  ...

Do 10,000 steps through each gWalk block workout. gWalk course is delivered in individual blocks, each containing 10 course sessions, split in downloads of five. The block timing accounts for ten sessions block to be walked twice – i.e. “there and back”. One block is delivered in ten individual walking sessions to allow systematic experience empowerment. Individual sessions, or blocks can be used as walk, run or gym warmup. However used, both individual sessions, as blocks, work in continuous progressive building-up education delivering objectives of structural alignment as the course progresses.  ​

You can walk the gWalk in your room, in your home, gym, office or outdoors. Wherever and however it suits you – just walk. Just walk as sessions meaning applies through motion alone. Walk the gWalk as a workout on its own, or alternatively use the gWalk to prepare as mindful structural alignment, a warm up for your own workout choice. Do an individual audio session until you're ready to move onto the next one, or mix up several of your sessions lasting from either five minutes, or to a full daily dose of 10,000 steps. The chosen format of use is versatile and up to you. You'll know it best when you try walk your first gWalk.

gWalk algorithmic form came about as a PhD proposal through the practice and clinical work of Personal Structural Integration, also sometimes called rolfing. As an online course gWalk educates towards short term and long term goals.

The short term goal for daily or weekly practice will bring you benefits of a working capacity to reorganise and recharge your physical and hence mental system. Your psychosomatic related physical form is never the same, depending of what you are going through along your life-work dynamics. gWalk provides balanced organisation of forces within the body and educates consciousness maintainance through the daily challenges that the human form gets exposed to -  from a typical transition of getting up in the morning after lying all night, to recovering from an injury or whatever challenges your work puts upon you, be it siting or labour specific, or just stress.


Long term goals of the gWalk course are to aid in initiating awareness of health and fitness by your active postural alignment with gravity within a gravity field. Over time, gWalk educates on the uninterrupted use and connection of gravity as a source of energy. ​


To learn gWalk all you need to do is walk while you listen. And it's ok to go directly to just trying the course as it will make sense with movement after you walk your first session. Just as it will reveal its logical structure after you walk several. 

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