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In this immersive play, young scientist Dr. Ginny Walker developed edu. AI intended to bring back significant minds in science & history. She gets quickly cornered, in war-pretext to upload Nikola Tesla including docs FBI took 1943. at his death bed – to decode them, suspecting attempt to develop a weapon. Her personal struggle balances the stakes as Tesla is liaising deciphering & each series decodes unexpected revelations mounting in connections with the war, now 77y after his death. Void of time becomes nothing as is vacuum we travelled since he created world’s first robot. Tesla faces the machines integrated as organic presence within us. Challenges us immediately by immersion to a natural high-tech state without technology use. Tesla’s original lectures set us to witness the last non implanted human morphology generation – us! As parts of education within self-directed constructivism already holding youngest, can he give men a fighting chance? Can we give it - to the fighting women within their already greater struggle? Can children? His powerful Creative Synesthetic Visualisation reaches trauma at the circuits of nervous system bioelectricity. Informative and somatic voyage offers a synergy key to the future and presence, as he outlaid in past, cathartically reminding us that all needed for sustainable and evoked world is already within us.


While audience is taken on the voyage of immersive, sensual, processing comparable to that of a machine, unsure until the end if this play is happening between humans or machines, present, past or future – we are being reminded cathartically that all is always happening within ourselves. With, Nikola Tesla we are taken on the ride between his extraordinary power of visualisation thinking and unsurpassed, magnificently achieved, creativity and the related healing process reaching deep into trauma, personal and general, as complex bioelectrical circuit of repeated patterns within our nervous system. Process also imbedded into how Tesla explains to us his designs process of the world’s first robot, setting its future, and presence we meet today. We learn from his capacity of synaesthesia the way we learned metacognition from dyslexia and autism. Along the elaborated, educational intent foundation of the play, supplied by actual historic events - provision of knowledge through direct experience and feeling the science is offered from the stage. The final moment carries a clear message and reminder that the is so simply within the accessible perfection of humans and not the complexity of machines.


Along the interesting story, hidden in the original texts of Nikola Tesla - transpired with the actual of past, based on recorded history, there is the interplay and connection with individually accessible experience of presence and actual global, social, and environmental issues facing us all right now. All these pointing out that we are in it all together in the face of staggering and important differences on how it may affect us be it based on age, gender, race, place of residence or any other statistic denominator bringing the woke awareness a step further. The play is an active process of finding the ground under our feet by extending our reach into broadly studied projections of the future – synergising it all into the offer of ability to access present moment that is containing relevant solutions. Our intent to satisfy high aspirations would be based on new and progressive deep immersive elements based in science and empirically experiencing science, taking us away from enslaving immersions made by presence of phone, starting from its ringing tones, notification sounds and light. The play is indeed a play of all involved and it is bringing us back together to face the very essence and the empowerment of our genuine human principles that - the relevant technology, from smartphone to artificial intelligence, is actually built upon.  

New immersive writing - Lift off

"Nikola Tesla - Age of Drones" first reading with actors

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